Welcome to the Aurora 2016 – national ham summer camp on 7.-10. July

The annual national summer camp of Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) is in year 2016 organized by Radio amateur club of Central Finland, OH6AD. The occassion is called Aurora 2016 and it takes place between July 7th and 10th at the Revontuli resort located in Central Finnish municipality of Hankasalmi.

Although most of the site’s content is in Finnish, we warmly welcome hams abroad to join the Aurora 2016 camp! Plenty of information about the organizing site is available in English at the Revontuli resort’s www site.


The organizing association is OH6AD;
Keski-Suomen Radioamatöörit r.y., PL 559 / Kuntoportti 3, 40101 JYVÄSKYLÄ.
[email protected] | www.oh6ad.fi | VAT FI22059089

If you have any questions regarding the summer camp please contact the organizer at <[email protected]>.

Aurora 2016 has its own event on Facebook. You are welcome to join and invite your friends!

Aurora 2016 on Facebook

Accommodation and golf booking directly from the resort

OH6AD closely co-operates with Revontuli in the camp organizing effort and the resort offers all accommodation and manages booking during Aurora 2016. So we kindly ask you to check the booking directly with Revontuli. Online booking is available here.

What comes to the summer camp itself, you can just check in to Aurora 2016 upon arrival, without notice in advance.

Accommodation options

Revontuli resort has lots of options on accommodation. Available are many types of hotel rooms and cabins. Please check prices and availability directly from the resort.

Revontuli Golf

Revontuli has a famous 18-hole links style golf course just next to the hotel. The lakeside course starts and ends at the main building, and has few trees and water hazards but players will find the rough challenging. The practice area features greens, bunkers and a driving range.